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Providing Safe & Dependable Oil, Fuel, & Lubricants with Honesty & Integrity

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Fuel Storage Tanks and Pumps for Your Business in Winkler, MB

Your Trusted Source for Fuel Solutions in Winkler, MB And Surrounded Communities

Centennial Farm Supply understands the importance of reliable fuel storage and delivery for your agricultural and industrial needs. We’ve proudly served our Winkler, MB and surrounded communities  for years, providing top-quality fuel solutions that keep your operations running smoothly. Whether you’re a farmer, a construction site manager, or a business owner, we offer the fuel solutions you need.

Products We Offer

A diverse selection of industry-leading solutions to meet your energy requirements.
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Petro-Canada Fuels

Feel the power of high performance with Petro-Canada premium fuels.

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Bulk Fuel & Delivery

Running low on fuel is never an option, so we provide bulk fuel delivery services. Our efficient delivery team is dedicated to bringing fuel directly to your location, saving time and hassle. We understand that keeping your operations running is crucialand we’re here to ensure you never run out of fuel.

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Diesel Exhaust Fluid (DEF) & Lubricants

In addition to fuel, we offer diesel exhaust fluid (DEF) and numerous lubricants to keep your equipment in prime condition. Our DEF is formulated to meet the strictest industry standards, while our lubricants are designed to reduce friction and prolong the life of your machinery.

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Fuel Tanks & Storage Solutions

We offer various options to suit your fuel storage tank requirements. Our robust fuel storage tanks withstand the harshest conditions and ensure the safety of your fuel supply. From small-scale solutions to large bulk fuel tanks, we have the perfect fit for you.

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Fuel Pumps & Accessories

For convenient access to your stored fuel, we offer a selection of high-quality fuel pumps and accessories. Our fuel pumps are built to last, ensuring consistent, reliable fuel dispensing whenever you need it.

Who We Are

Laurence Braun and Kevin Braun took over Centennial Farm Supply in 2001.
In 2012, Laurence retired, and Kevin and his wife, Jody, took over the business.

Currently, we employ 40 employees between our locations, providing local communities with quick fuel and lubricant delivery and offering fuel storage solutions. We are devoted to exceptional customer service and committed to the safety of our staff and business.

Our core values are honesty and integrity, and we take pride in our same-day fuel delivery. You can visit us at one of our six card lock locations—Winkler, Morden, Miami, Holland, Crystal City, Killarney—or our two office locations—Winkler, Killarney.

Centennial Farm Supply is your partner in fuel solutions, serving Winkler, MB and and surrounded communities. Contact us today to discuss your fuel needs.