Petro-Canada Fuels

We offer Petro-Canada’s high-quality fuels for all seasons, even the coldest Canadian winters. Our gas choices include our RegularClean 87 octane gas and our SuperClean™ 91 octane gas. We designed our premium gas, SuperClean 91, for vehicles needing high-octane gas for maximum performance. Plus, it’s an environmentally responsible choice.


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Ethanol-Blended Gasoline

Ethanol is blended with our conventional unleaded gas in many of our gasoline grades. Up to 10% ethanol is mixed with our gasoline where conditions warrant and to meet federal and provincial mandates.

What Happens if You Don’t Use Premium Fuel?

Using the fuel grade recommended in your owner’s manual is always best. If your manual requires 91 octane gas or higher, using gas with a lower octane level could void your car warranty and may eventually cause engine damage.

Petro-Canada Diesel

Petro-Canada Ultra-Low Sulfur Diesel

Low-sulfur diesel fuel helps prevent deposit build-up so your engine delivers optimum performance. It keeps your engine’s fuel injectors in good condition, increasing the lifespan of your diesel engine.

Renewable Content and Biodiesel in Petro-Canada Diesel

Petro-Canada enthusiastically responded to federal and provincial mandates for renewable diesel, ensuring Canadians have access to a greener and more environmentally friendly diesel fuel option.

Petro-Canada DEF

Learn more about Petro-Canada DEF